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released June 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Hands That Lift The Oceans Würzburg, Germany

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Track Name: Furrows
I’m carving furrows into my face
Climbing through the air-space

The moon is ploughing her way
through another night

Dreaming leaves are chanting

Curtains that were never raised
slide beneath glimmering lamps of dew

Blazing pillars try to grasp the sun

Wind is thundering through tremendous alleys
Roaring over the planes of the Earth

Carving furrows, climbing the air-space
Track Name: Giants
Standing on the shoulders of dying giants
Almost done for, yet still clinging to violence

Ossifying, turning to bone
Petrifying, turning to stone

In fear of dissidents, screaming at their saviours
Churning out hollow phrases

Ossifying, turning to bone
Petrifying, turning to stone

Stitch your cut open hollow veins
Stop irrigating this amorphous entity
With crimson floods of fear

Standing on ruins, on crumbled debris
Yet never done for, for we are the giants

Oscillating a shining red light
Recreating, mending the wheel of life
Track Name: Lethargy
An immemorial crowd creeps
Out of abyssal caverns

Crippled sleepers with eunuch’s heads
Stagger in the rays of dim lustres

Monstrous skulls exhale numbing vapour from toothless jaws
Their hollow eye caves focus glistening celestial spires
Where children laugh and birds sing

Conceive this gleaming light
Blindfolded I sense its sway
Led astray to this rotten earth
Where hundreds lie in lethargy
Track Name: Spectral Attitude
Come down and breathe the shadow bubbles within my thoughts
Come down and inhale deeply the mouldy odour of my spectral attitude

The branches of salt, the white branches,
They come from tears that are not mine
From steps I did not take I did not leave behind
And of which the sand skin remembers the flood-tide

A dark passage unites all perfumes
A woman pledged herself here one day
She became so bright I could no longer see her
With these eyes which have seen my own self burning

Now I watch over myself and my thoughts
Like a vigil in strange hallways.
I breathe the shadow bubbles within my thoughts -
Deeply inhaling the mouldy odour of my spectral attitude